We promise when you wake up the next day, smelling like Jameson – all your smokes missing and the veins in your head pulsing like they are about to explode – it'll all have been worth it.

Toronto natives The Rathburns embrace the whiskey-soaked, smoke-filled lifestyle of dark, grungy blues. Passionate and raw, this female fronted band forces their high-energy set on anyone in the room making it almost impossible not to groove along with them. Built on a simple foundation of classic blues rhythms, the band throws impressive guitar licks and shrieking vocals on top. They always stand out from the pack, thrusting their musical skills into the forefront. The result is an aggressive but addictive sound of musical ferocity. If you’re looking for an intense, sweaty show, check out The Rathburns.

The attitude, the rhythm, the voice, the sweat, the woman, the band, the crowd, the taste. It'll be hard to recollect the next day, but the good ones always are.